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In Praise of Costa Rica

One may get the idea from reading the negative things about Costa Rica from time to time that The Costa Rican Times has a problem with Costa Rica. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We love Costa Rica. After all, we live here. People vote with their feet, as they say, and our feets is here for better or worse.

And while we’re all over the rule of law it doesn’t mean we want more laws, there are plenty enough already, we just want the ones that are here to be enforced. Robbery is a crime no matter how you cut it. As a matter of fact it’s pretty universal. We believe in private property, which means that if you earn it and bought it, your property should be protected. This goes especially for real estate here no matter the predilection in Latin America for land redistribution. The Spaniards left many long years ago. Not everybody who owns land is a Don or a Caudillo.

And tambien, not every gringo is a William Walker, or even a relative. But- sometimes it feels like that to a gringo that wants to buy a house or start a business here. And tambien, though it seems that it’s always a gringo that complains about the way things are done around here, Ticos suffer just as much- if not more so. After all we can leave if we have to.

The Costa Rican Times is here to ferret out gringos and Ticos alike who think it’s just A.O.K. to use lax law enforcement to bilk people out of their money. We believe that the police should be paid better and have better equipment- especially the transit police. We believe that the law should be applied uniformly- not in favor of those who have the cash to buy their way out of a jam. We believe that lawyers should be held to a higher standard that commiserates with their standing as officers of the court.

And no matter how rich people think gringos are, prices should be the same for everyone, not one price for gringos and another for Ticos. Where is the pride in that? Step up!

The Costa Rican Times is for everyone- Ticos and gringos alike. Avast the bureaucracy! Avast the corruption! We are avast all that keeps us from achieving the best.

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