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Impending Chikungunya Epidemic in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Health News – What better news than that we are expecting a viral epidemic? I’m speaking of the impending Chikungunya epidemic, which is transmitted by the same mosquitoes that carry Dengue.

ChikungunyaThe Costa Rican Institute for Research and Education on Nutrition and Health (INCENSES) says they need 40 million colones added to their budget, specifically for detecting cases of the serious virus.

It’s a new disease in the country.

There have been 13 cases reported as of now. Many health centers lack experience in diagnosing it. Expensive lab tests are needed to rule out or confirm the presence of the disease.

Of the 13 cases, 7 are still to be confirmed by INCENSES. Two of the patients, if they test positive, will be the first to have contracted the disease in the country.

INCENSES can test the chain reaction and the virus’ IgM antibodies from blood tests.

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