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Immigration Rescues Sex Slaves and Arrests Leader of the Sex Ring in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Well immigration has been busy this week arresting pedophiles like Kevin Knowles and now this.  I guess they are trying to get some work done before the holidays and the tourist season begins. 

Seems that sex trafficking is not just in the movie Taken.  It exists and in Costa Rica it can be found in and around most tourist towns. These are not Costa Rica prostitutes, they are sex slaves. This was done at Atlantis nightclub in San Jose as well.

A woman who allegedly led an organization dedicated to traffickinpersons for sexual exploitation was arrested last night in a strip club in Santa Rosa de Tamarindo, Guanacaste.

The suspect  is a Nicaraguan national, but also has citizenship in Costa Rica.  The woman apparently had six women, both Nicaraguan and Dominican,  took away their passports, money and other identification documents, to exploit them for sex.

This was announced this morning the Immigration Police, after receiving an anonymous tip a few days ago.

In the investigation, authorities found that the suspect would not let her victims leave the club by using threats. The arrested was the one who decided the amount collected from customers having sex with the girls.

Immigration found that the women were brought into Costa Rica through the northern border illegally, and were kept for sexual exploitation.

The victims are being handled by the Office of Care and Protection of Victims, and Immediate Response Team (ERI) of the National Coalition Against the Smuggling of Migrants and Trafficking in Persons (CONATT) to protect women.

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