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Immigration Officer Arrested for Accepting Money in Exchange for Visas

Well at least one person in immigration was capitalizing on Costa Rica’s ridiculous law that says you must leave the country every 90 days for 72 hours before coming back.  I would love to know what the purpose of this law is other than to take money away from the CR economy and have the person that is living here spend it in Nicaragua or Panama instead. An Immigration officer that worked in the Juan Santamaria Airport in Alajuela, was arrested on suspicion of receiving money from a Costa Rican to obtain U.S. visas. 

Costa Rica ImmigrationThe capture of the surname Camacho Camacho involved occurred on Tuesday at the official’s job, said the Directorate of Immigration.

The research, which was conducted by the Research Unit of the Immigration Police, began on July 16 when a telephone complaint alerted by an anomalous situation because he had an immigration officer – leading in the area of immigration control – he told a Costa Rican woman who could get U.S. visas in exchange for a sum of money. At that time, she showed no interest in what the officer gave him the phone number in case you were interested in the future.

A few days later the woman called the officer and told her brother and her niece were interested in obtaining a visa.

In a press release for Migration reported that the four met in a home, they presented him with passports and ¢ 300,000 in cash, with the promise of the American visa in a few days.

After several days the victims contacted the officer to ask about the process of obtaining a visa, but he told them he needed additional ¢ 100,000. The money was deposited in a bank account of the immigration officer.

Due to pressure from those affected, the officer returned the passport without the respective visa and claimed that the money was to repay the U.S. Embassy.

Under these circumstances, the victims filed a complaint with the Immigration authorities, so on Tuesday we proceeded to arrest.

A Camacho opened a trial for the crime of extortion (punishable by two to eight years in prison officer improperly promise, for himself or for another, a good or patrimonial benefit).

By the time the officer was suspended from office by decision of the court in Alajuela.

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  1. Puffthemagicdragon said:

    If it wasn’t for this stupid law, I would have invested more in Costa Rica. How am I going to invest in a Country where i am forced to leave every 90 days???

  2. gordon said:

    Let me get this straight. Lady Laura making a deal with the president of Colombia in which there will be NO visas entering too and from this/and that country. This came out in the free trade talk, Right?? Colombia that has one of the highest kidnapping, crime, cocaine trafficking of any Central American country. This is a recipe for disaster. Yet for North Americas, Canadians we have to have visa for up to 90 days. All Costa Rica wants is the gringo dollar. No wonder corruption is way out of control here. Follow the money. Who here in government is HONEST I bet the list is very very short one.

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