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Immigration Calls 100,000 Illegals to Get Them Documented

About 100,000 foreigners living illegally in the country are being invited by the Directorate of Immigration to be documented by a special procedure.  This is a process aimed at foreigners who already have some roots here, explained Freddy Mora Montero, assistant director of that entity.

This is the case of those with children born in Costa Rica, seniors, people with disabilities or young people under 25 who entered the country as minors.

Also foreigners are considered domestic workers or agricultural.

To achieve the status of residents, they will not have to present a valid visa or have entered the country on a regular basis.

Yes they should make a stay more than five years within the country and meet the other requirements as ordinary passport, certification of criminal and consular registration.

“The stay in the country is checked according to the characteristics of people. Notes can be school or college, certifications have been hospitalized or utility bills, “said Montero.

The official explained that the procedure is based on a series of transient Regulation of the General Law of Immigration, which came into effect on May 17 and are valid until 17 November.

The call covers to 65,000 foreigners who are already residents, but their ballots are due. Failure to renew before November 17, it will be canceled.

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