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Imaginary Mothers; Costa Rica Adoption Stories

Costa Rica News – There’s a new documentary in the works, called “Imaginary Mothers.” It’s in post-production and needs some support to get finished. This film tells an important, and often unheard, part of adoption stories. We all know that adopting is a wonderful thing for the child and the new family, but what about the birth mothers?

In many cases, they decide to give their baby up for adoption in hopes that he or she will have a better life, but in some cases, the babies are taken without consent, when they are in the hospital, in pain and without any resources.

Four women in Costa Rica had their lives changed when their children were taken away. The tales are true and heart-breaking. They must be heard. These women fight to be reconnected with their kids and also fight against hurtful stereotypes.

imginary mothers costa rica 1Jacqueline Arias, the director, is an adoptee from Costa Rica. Her mother never gave up hope to see this daughter who was taken away. The family never stopped grieving. Jacqueline learned a lot about her story in the making of this film. There are atrocious crimes being committed against families who are dealing with poverty and a lack of support. These mothers were told there is no help for them, and that adoption is the only way to help their kids. They live with pain daily, not knowing if their children are alive, safe, or if they need anything. They cannot have peace until they see their kids again. Jacqueline gives a voice to these mothers, families, and children, in the hopes of social and political change. She dedicates the film to those who were victims of corruption in international adoption in the 1980’s and 90’s. The world should be protected against forced adoption.

The film features a dark figure who represents La Negrita, the black virgin patron saint of the country. Jacqueline’s own mother thanks La Negrita for the miracle of finding her daughter. She hopes that through this film, other families will be reunited, as well.

Any support that you can give will be graciously accepted. The funds will go towards finishing the last 10% of the film, editing, and promotional material. They hope to have it ready for film festivals in June.

To donate to the cause of helping mothers find their children, click here:


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