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Illegal Abortion Clinic Raided in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – On Saturday officers of the Judicial Investigation Organization (OIJ) raided a home suspected of serving as an office for abortion procedures.

illegal-abortion-clinic-costa-ricaThe investigation led the agents of the Crimes Against Physical Integrity and Trafficking department to a 38 year-old woman whose last name is Morales, she is suspected of performing the abortions.

As reported by the Judicial Police, the procedures were performed in a house on Fallas de Desamparados, San Jose, street. The department recently received confidential information that the house had a clandestine clinic and women who did not wish to have their children could be helped there.

Apparently, on the first appointment the “patient” would pay between ¢ 20,000 and ¢ 30,000 to be evaluated and to have an ultrasound. Soon after she was explained about the process of abortion.

If the pregnant woman wanted to continue the process after the first meeting, then during the second appointment the detained suspect would assist her with a treatment of 12 pills to induce abortion. If the pills did not result in an abortion then the fetus was extracted by suction. The total cost of these procedures were ¢ 300,000.

In the house officers found a machine for ultrasound, a stretcher for gynecological examinations, computer equipment, electronic storage devices, surgical tools, important documentation for research and ¢ 300,000 in cash.

According to the OIJ, the suspect allegedly was promoted through a website.

People believed she was a nurse however, this information was not confirmed.

The suspect is now in the hands of the Attorney General to determine her legal status.

By Brenda Sotelo

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