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Ignorance or Bliss? Costa Rican Wins Lottery, Quits Job

Costa Rica News – I think almost everyone of us has had the dream of winning the lottery and then walking up to your boss and telling him to shove it where the sun don’t shine.  Well at least be able to quit our jobs, travel the world, and live wherever we want even if we do not get to tell our bosses off.  

Lotería de navidad salió a la calle. Lotería navideña, Gordo navideñoWhen you win the $300 million Powerball in the USA this is an option, after of course the US government takes their cut.

But when you talk about the largest lottery of the year during the Christmas holidays it might not be enough to fulfill all those dreams.

A 27 year old newlywed couple bought a couple of lottery tickets after their wedding on Nov 29th. 

As it would turn out those tickets would end up winning 70 million colones for them. Which in case someone wants to know what that is in dollars is about $131,000.

The husband after learning about his winnings immediately quit his job and plane on buying a house for his mother and for he and his wife.

I know it is someone else’s life and someone else’s money but it seems a bit silly for him to quit his job.

If I went through the tax code correctly, the CR government takes it’s cut of 25%.  Which comes out to about $33,000. He is down to $98,000. Let’s say a house costs $30,000 and he is buying 2, that knocks off $60,000. He is down to $38,000.

Let’s assume that he gives no money to family members and he keeps the rest for himself.  I do not know how many years anyone can go with no job and $38,000.

Although I am happy that he and his new wife won the lottery, I think he will either be back to work soon or hoping to win the lottery again next year,





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