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If I Were a Bat in Costa Rica, Where Would I Be?

Costa Rica Travel News – The Bat Jungle is a zoological exhibit designed to teach visitors about bats, an incredible, cute and necessary animal. This exhibit is in Monteverde. It provides educational information and a simulated jungle environment, where you can see live bats (including babies!).

bat jungle costa ricaThe guided tour takes 45 minutes and can be geared toward your group, whether you have children or professional scientists. You’ll get to see 90 live bats of 8 species. The enclosure has special equipment to allow you to hear the bats echolocating (which is normally not heard by humans).

The tour is entertaining, while educational. It teaches about biology and conservation. There are exhibits that kids can touch, like giant bat ear sculptures and huge bat head replicas. Adults can also interact with the exhibit, for example, there are scales that you can stand on to see how many gallons of insects, chopped bananas, or nectar you would need to consume if you were a bat. Bats typically eat their own weight in food nightly!

Dr. Richard K. LaVal, a well known bat biologist, designed and owns this lively museum. He is from southern Missouri, where he grew up exploring caves and being on good terms with the bats and other animals that lived in them.

The tours are available from 9-7:30 daily. The location is on Paseo de Stella, across from Tramonti Restaurant. There’s a restaurant right above it, where you can wait for your group, before starting the tour.

The tour costs just $12 for foreigners, $5 for Costa Ricans, $10 for students and is free for children under age 6, with their group. Groups of up to 16 can be accommodated.

Larger groups will be split up into multiple groups, with different guides, for more personalized attention.

To get more info about the Bat Jungle, call 2645-7701 or contact [email protected]. Their website is

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