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ICJ = Good Costa Rica International Negotiations?

Costa Rica News – President Laura Chinchilla proudly announced that Costa Rica “has become a success in international negotiations.” This statement followed the resolution by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) that rejected the precautionary measures Nicaragua requested against Costa Rica.

nicaragua-costarica-disputeThe president continued, “We are extremely pleased. Costa Rica has become a success in international dealings. That’s two victories backed unanimously by the Court.”

The other of the two wins refers to last November, when the ICJ reaffirmed the injunction against Nicaragua for an invasion of Costa Rican territory and environmental damage to wetlands. President Chinchilla said that “The judges have done justice for Costa Rica and honored the fundamental values ​​of our country with peace, respect for international law and the protection of the environment.”

Nicaragua and Costa Rica being before the ICJ is nothing new. In 2011, Nicaragua brought Costa Rica before the court on charges of causing environmental damage to the San Juan River which borders both countries.

On December 19th, Costa Rica is going to submit an 800-page study that proves no damage was done to the river when they built a road along the Costa Rican side. The president will continue to push for the development of this route, known as “the border trail,” until her administration ends on May 8th.

I guess maybe I do not see how taking a case to the International Court of Justice and having the decision come out in your favor has anything to do with the the President’s ability to handle international negotiations.  This is like someone taking a case to arbitration and you getting what you want.


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