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ICE Wants to Increase Electricity Rates in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – ICE states that it has been using all green energy for most of 2015 and yet they need to increase rates…..interesting.

ice electricity costa rica cost of livingICE wants to increase electricity rates by 8.27% in order to combat their increased operating costs as will as the purchase price of private energy generators. It filed to increase the rate for its 700,000 customers beginning in 2016.

For a typical family consuming about 250 kilowatts per month this would mean an increase of ¢1,941 on the monthly bill. The current rate is ¢81 for the first 200 and ¢145.48 for each additional kilowatt.

Not all the news is bad, however, as this October we expect to see a rate reduction of 3.5% in electricity fees.

This is thanks to the fact that the use of fuel for thermal generation has been minimal.

The National Power and Light Company is also hoping to increase rates. They would like to increase them by 35.5% for their 500,000 customers.

The Administrative Board of Cartago’s Electrical Services seeks to increase rates by 26.7%.

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