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ICE Unions Planning to Join Strike

San Jose, Costa Rica – With ICE in a state of financial turmoil the last thing they needed was more drama, but we are in Costa Rica where the drama flows out of each pore of every part of government managed entities.  The failure of these  sectors stems from the top and goes right down through the company leaders.  They are not given motivation in the form of financial rewards to make the business more money.

The Home Front Workers ICE (FIT) will not participate in the strike called for tomorrow CCSS unions, educators and other organizations.  He said the FIT, which brings together various unions of Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE), will be planning a protest next month.

This was confirmed by the representative of that group, Fabio Chaves, without giving further details.

On 13 June, when unemployment was announced, it was indicated that the FIT would join in opposition to the Contingency Electrical Bill and against the Telecommunications Authority, which was responsible for the weakening of ICE.

According to Luis Chavarria, general secretary of the National Union of Employees of the Fund (undeca), Chavez had said that the FIT would join the protest.

“I guess it was a very personal, not the organizations consulted and I have understood that last minute are saying no,” he said.

The strike to draw attention to the government for corruption, “looting” of institutions like ICE and CAJA, and crisis.

They keep up the Association of Teachers of Secondary Education (APSE), the Home Front of Workers of CAJA and other groups such as university and taxi associations.

The Government yesterday issued a statement which disqualifies the movement of the taxi drivers, who traveled in a convoy to the presidential palace in Zapote.

Gilbert Ureña, representative of the taxi drivers, said protest disagree with the way in which the license plates are being allocated some drivers.

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