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ICE Trying to Prevent Further Costa Rica Blackouts

Costa Rica News – Although this is somewhat reactive behavior after the last Costa Rica blackout I will give them a little bit of proactive credit doing it before another one.

ICE is activating a system to disconnect Costa Rica from Panama in the case of another electrical overload. On July 1st, three countries experienced a complete blackout while the rest of Central America was partially affected. This is now called the Central American blackout.

ICE’s special security system will now protect the National Electrical System from further blackouts in the event of energy surges from Panama, which has an outdated system.

There is a fault in the Panama line, which was in maintenance at the time of the blackout and exposed to heavy rains with electric shocks. There is a push for Panama to update the technology.

The special protections affect the three interconnection lines between Costa Rica and Panama and will be activated when the power flow exceeds 100 megawatts or the frequency exceeds 61 hertz. This will ensure that the problems in Panama do not affect Costa Rica or flow to the rest of Central America.

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