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ICE to Start Building Roads in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Just in case ICE did not have a big enough monopoly they might be expanding. President Luis Guillermo Solis has had an idea, that the Costa Rican Electricity Institute should branch out from just electricity to other types of work, which would lead to more jobs.

ice-costa-rica-mainIt would also be a way to use the talent that ICE has in employees and experience.

If this group of experts was to take charge of a project such as the country’s road infrastructure and building tunnels and bridges it would surely be successful.

ICE has extensive experience in related projects.

It knows how to do preliminary studies, slope stabilization and massive construction, as it is the largest designer and builder in the Central America region.

The company is interested in this type of proposal and sees the opportunity in a positive light.

With this chance to collaborate, more income could be generated for the company, more jobs created and more movement of money in the country.

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