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ICE to Charge For Excess Data Use in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – ICE proposes to charge for excessive use instead of restricting internet speed as the other companies do.

The policy of “fair use” affects postpaid clients only. The clients would surely like the option to use more at a normal speed instead of having the speed lowered.

This is how ICE, with it’s Kölbi brand, wishes to handle the alleged saturation of the network without eventually punishing all postpaid customers. Sutel says that about 5% account for 35% of the mobile network, which affects access by all.

The most efficient mechanism is the fixing of payments according to the volume of consumption, as occurs with water, electricity and fuel costs. Consumers self regulate their usage without any supplier involvement.

Sutel allows for suppliers to restrict possible congestion of the service, to guarantee the availability of the service and adequate administration of network resources.

Restrictive policies would apply to users with totally abnormal consumption that put at risk the quality of services to the vast majority of users.

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