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ICE Reports 285,000 Lightning Strikes so Far This Year

In case you have been wondering why your power has gone out multiple times or you have to make sure you are using a battery powered alarm clock it is the record number of lightning strikes that have occurred in Costa Rica this year.

Up until yesterday, so far this year, there have been 285,000 lightning strikes in the country.

This was confirmed by the analysis unit and Lightning Weather Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE).

This figure makes the 2012 the most active lightning storms since 2005.

Last year, for the same period, 250,000 rays were recorded, ie, in 2012 there have more than 35,000 electric shocks in 2011. Just in case you are slow in math.

By increasing the amount of electric shock, also increase deaths from this phenomenon.

The last death recorded in a thunderstorm was a 12 year old boy who died last Thursday.

The child was playing soccer with his brother 15 years in the plaza of Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz de Guanacaste, where began a rayería dry.

According to witnesses, lightning bounced off a cell tower and hit the boy and killed him on the site.


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