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ICE Promises Only Minor Increase in Electricity Rates

Costa Rica News – Should we believe ICE? Should we believe that electricity rates are going to stay stable? Only time will tell but at the current moment they are making more promises.

ice costa ricaICE has promised to keep electricity rates stable, however, we then heard about an increase in January and another one some time in 2015. Currently, the average customer pays 88 colones per kilowatt hour, or 17,600 per month. Starting January 1, each kWh will cost 91 colones, bringing the average monthly bill to 18,200.

In order to honor the promise of stable rates made in July by ICE and President Solis, they are going to ask Aresep for help, via a redistribution throughout the year as to recover the variable cost of fuel, so that subscribers will only see a 3.3% increase.

The normal method for deciding the price of electricity is to automatically update every three months, depending on how much you spend and what the institute estimates the cost of fuel will be.

ICE is planning to lower the cost by purchasing private generators and importing energy to the region. President Solis reaffirmed that the rates will not increase in 2015, and that the projected increases were to be presented to Aresep but not to the public.


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