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ICE Installing Solar Panels in Rural Areas of Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – Seems that ICE is trying its best to keep that “green” image of Costa Rica even if the Costa Rican government still does not seem to care. 

solar panels costa rica 1The Costa Rican Electricity Institute installed solar panels in poor areas and rural households without access to electricity. The program started in 1998 and over 3,000 panels have been installed so far. The institute plans to install another 1,000 panels between now and 2018.

The social benefit program has reached 373 rural communities.

In addition to homes, it powers hundreds of schools, shelters, protected areas, EBAIS medical centers, and public safety outposts.

Beneficiaries pay a symbolic ¢1,000 monthly lease, this amount is usually less than they paid for candles and batteries for light before.

Turrialba is the canton with the most coverage. Of their 633 modules, 90% are installed in the indigenous territory of Chirripo.

The program is financed mostly by the Inter-American Development Bank, the UN Development Program and the Netherlands. It is meant to improve the quality of life of the general population, especially the elderly, sick, and children.

Those interested in the service can apply at the nearest ICE office.  


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