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ICE Auctioning Off Properties in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – ICE is going to auction 17 properties on August 14th. The estimated value is ¢1,157 million.

This is part of the plan to cut operating expenses and generate revenue. It’s part of the optimization and operational efficiency strategy.

This is thought to be a proven way to save in operation and maintenance costs. The comptroller has accused ICE of being reluctant to control costs and these properties are seen as failing to fulfil the function for which they were acquired.

Of the total, four belong to the National Company of Force and Light (CNFL). The auction will take place at 9 am, in the auditorium of the Museum of ICE, in North Sabana.

Another way ICE has been controlling costs is by hiring with the global salary, that does not include bonuses. It also cut 764 jobs.

ICE says it is making great strides and the Comptroller’s Office is overstepping its rights.

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