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ICE Assesses Reventazón Project Damange

ICE began the corresponding analyzes for repairs in the engine room and other equipment Reventazón Hydroelectric Project in Siquirres, Lemon, affected by heavy rains last weekend.

Reventazón Hydroelectric ProjectLuis Roberto Rodriguez, who serves as project manager, said yesterday that the team is focused on making a thorough study of what happened.

“This is a new challenge that is presented to the institution, is a new opportunity to convey to the country what we can do even in tragedy,” Rodriguez said in a news release.

Yesterdayit was reported that the strong current swept key works of the project that builds on Siquirres ICE, which at that time lacked an insurance policy.

Angostura hydroelectric plants in Turrialba, and Cachi, in Paraiso, Cartago, were also affected in its operation.

“The high water levels led to different materials and sediment obstruct the cooling system and pressure in the tunnel, affecting the operating units in Angostura,” the ICE yesterday afternoon.

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One Comment;

  1. gordon said:

    “…which at that time lacked an insurance policy.” Millions of dollars put into a major project and no INSURANCE! The head honcho needs to be FIRED! and no pay period. What a bunch of screw ups running this. Now We the consumers going to be paying for this added to our electricity bill.

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