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Icafé Will Not Be Able to Use Tarrazu Coffee Brand

Costa Rica News – The courts have rejected a proposal by Icafé, the Costa Rican Coffee Institute, to more widely use the “Tarrazú” brand. The institute will have to decide to accept the ruling or push it further in the judicial process.

tarrazu costa rica coffee 1Coffee producers in the region oppose the proposal driving Icafé because it would allow the entity to include coffee from neighboring sites within the same DO, or designation of origin. The coffee growers are aware that neighboring coffee is not of the same high quality.

The point of having a DO is to avoid copies being sold commercially under the name of the town. A DO is supposed to establish quality control by ensuring an appropriate geographical boundary of lands with the same agricultural practices, soil type and climate.

Roque Mata, president of the DO, explained that Icafé wanted to include coffee from outside zones, such as Desamparados, Aserrí, Corralillo and El Guarco.

These coffee plantations are culturally and geographically unequal.

The climate and soil are also very different and should not be included commercially under the name Tarrazú.

They move that only coffee from Los Santos qualify for this DO.

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