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“I Want Justice”; Mother of Jairo Mora Sandoval Testifies in Court

Costa Rica News – The eyes of many in Costa Rica as well as the environmental conservationist communities are watching as the trial for the murder of Jairo Mora Sandoval plays out.  Everyone is hoping for justice for the death of this environmentalist.

jairo mora sandoval trial death 1The mood in the Criminal Court of Limón was very heavy yesterday, as Fernanda Sandoval testified at the trial against seven men accused of murdering her son, the turtle conservationist, Jairo Mora Sandoval .

She said, “I want justice from those responsible to pay for the last grain of sand my son  swallowed.” She described her son as being her everything, her reason to live. He always reassured her by saying that he walked a good path, she recalled.

Jairo was protecting turtle eggs on the morning of his murder. The rumors that something terrible had happened in Moin reached Jairo’s mom but there was no electricity, so she couldn’t watch the news to see exactly what happened.

She asked a friend to call her son’s coworker to see if what happened involved Jairo, pleading for them to tell her even if it was bad, because she couldn’t handle the distress. The coworker said he recognized the body and that her son was dead.

Fernanda and her two daughters are distraught over Jairo’s death. The loss is described as “irreparable.” The family is relying on God’s help to overcome this difficult time. Fernanda was the last witness in this month-long trial.



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