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“I Human” Exhibition in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – The “I Human” exhibition will transport people to the interior of their bodies. This intriguing event costs just ¢2,000 and is free for students.

The attendees will see 200 exhibits in six rooms.

The fascinating journey will be held from July 28 through August, at the Omar Dengo Cultural Center in Heredia. The exhibition mixes anatomy, physiology and human health. The organs on display are real and are conserved for the good of the public.

Here you can see brains, intestines, hearts and other organs of the body, thanks to the Hospital of San Vincente de Paul. It’s an educational outreach program aimed at improving our awareness of the need to care for our bodies.

We will get to learn all about the central nervous system and then see a skeleton on a bicycle to understand how bones and joints work.

Next we see the digestive tract, fetuses, reproductive organs, and then pathologies, like skin cancer.

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