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Hydrogen Powered Bus in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – A medium sized bus that has the capacity for 40 passengers is one part of the self-sustaining ecosystem transportation plan in the area of the Daniel Oduber International Airport and Guanacaste.

Hydrogen-Fuel-Bus costa ricaIt is a bus powered by hydrogen.

The program was implemented by Ad Astra Rocket, the University Earth and the Development Bank. The Development Bank invested an initial $432,000 for preliminary studies and the implementation of the design and pilot plan.

The plan is still considered an experiment and there will surely be some difficulties as it is tested.

That is to be expected and those involved plan to learn from them over the 15 months of development.

There are four components and most are in place. They are solar panels, hydrogen storage and compression, a wind turbine and the bus itself.

President Solis was present at the signing of the agreement and acknowledged that this will help lower the country’s greenhouse gas emissions.

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