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Hugo Chavez Funeral Friday in Venezuela

Venezuela’s foreign minister, Elias Jaua, said, in a national broadcast by CNN , the funeral of President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez, will be held on Friday in the presence of “about ten presidents”. The body of the Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez will lie in state through Friday when a public funeral will be held with invited guests from across Latin America.

A supporter of Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez holds up a portrait of him while attending a rally in CaracasThere will be seven days of mourning for the leader who died of cancer and said Chavez’s body would be transferred from hospital to a military academy on Wednesday.

Also, today at 8 am (Costa Rica time) the National Armed Forces of Venezuela began the farewell, with a 21 cannons salute and announced that “a cannon will sound every hour” until his remains are buried on Friday.

On the funeral, Venezuela’s foreign minister said the Venezuelan president remains will be transferred today morning from the Military Hospital to the Hall of the Military Academy.

“They will begin the funeral and the funeral chapel on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. During these days we will develop the logistics so that the greatest number of our people will be able to see their father, their protector. On Friday at 10 am ( local time) there will be the official state ceremony. We would like thank all world leaders who have expressed their condolences “Jaua said on CNN.

This information was given by the Chancellor after being received at the Simon Bolivar International Airport. The presidents of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez, Uruguay, José Mujica, and Bolivia, Evo Morales, were the first to arrive for the funeral.

Jaua said  the other heads of state arrive tomorrow, but did not specify who specifically is coming.


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