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Huge Waves in Caldera Effecting Road Passage on Costa Rica’s Pacific Coast

When it comes to Caldera, Costa Rica for the second time in a couple of weeks the waves on this Pacific Coast town have effected passage of vehicles and induced flooding in the area.   The waves reached 3 meters high on Wednesday afternoon.It drenched more than one person who stopped to see the extent of the waves.

“I came with my family and my daughter and I went for a walk and to see the surf, but we got a surprise as we approached when a large and strong wave got us all wet. This is the first time I have seen the sea so angry, “said Bernal Chinchilla, Tibás neighbor.

About three families who have not left  their houses were  hit a second time, so they had to run to get their belongings and place them on the bike path. This was not an obstacle for them to be able to cook though. Montero Marielos prepared a  pot of meat almost on the road.

“This is a big problem that we have to deal, however we had to cook the neighbors almost on the street so long as everything comes to support calm,” said Montero.

The members of the Joint Social Assistance Institute (IMAS) and the National Emergency Commission went to the site to help the few families that had been affected.

“We are here to help the last families were and who were affected. They will be given support as were the other familes affected  in the last tide, “said Maria Guzman, President of IMAS.

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