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How To Save on Summer Vacation Flights

Travel News – Looking to save this summer on vacation plans? Look no further. Airfare expert Rick Seaney shares his tips to keep costs down and spirits soaring all season long.

DO Shop for Domestic Airfare on Tuesday Afternoonscheap airline flights

• Tuesday 3 p.m. is when to find the most airfare deals

DON’T Shop too Early or you Could Pay too Much

• Shop for domestic fares about 3 months before departure

• Shop for international fares about 5 months before departure

DON’T Shop too Late or you Could also Pay too Much

• Purchase domestic tickets at least 3 weeks ahead • Purchase international tickets at least 6 weeks ahead

DO be Flexible

• Fly on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays — historically the cheapest days to fly

DON’T be Picky

• Non-stops can be more expensive than connecting flights

• Flights to regional airports are usually more expensive than flights to big-city hubs

• Compare routes and nearby airports to find the cheapest flights

DO Use a Carry-On

• Avoid expensive checked-bag fees on most airlines

• Carry-on bags do not get lost

• No waiting at the baggage carousel

By RICK SEANEY, CEO of FareCompare

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