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How to Not Pay Your Costa Rica Driving Fine

Costa Rica News – For all of you that received a moving violation in Costa Rica and do not feel like paying it for a while and maybe ever, there is a way for you to do that.  This is for all of you that actually got a ticket and were unable to bribe the police officer out of it.

costa-rica-trafic-finesIt seems that the inefficiencies in the Costa Rican legal system can be used to help many people get out of paying for wrong doings. This time in regards to moving violations.

The easiest way to avoid paying a fine is appeal it as confirmed by the Road Safety Council (Cosevi).

Since the system was enabled appeals from December 2008, 54% of those fined for appealed those fines.

It has swamped Cosevi with 160,000 pending appeals and they have only 40 lawyers to resolve.

To get out from under this backlog each lawyer will have to go review 4000 records over the following months.  They have not done it in 4 years what is the chance they do it now? The answer slim to none.

The figures were confirmed by Silvia Bolaños, director of the Council who said most drivers are guilty but they still appealed to get out of paying the fine.

There are several reasons that drivers appeal and all are in their advantage

  • It slows the collecting of the fine
  • There is no accumulated interest for not paying the fine during the appeal process
  • There is a chance the case will be ruled in your favor and you do not have to pay
  • For divers which have had their vehicles seized for drinking, not paying marchamo, or speeding if you appeal then Cosevi is obliged to return your plates so you can drive during the appeals process

For all of you that do not want to pay your fine or want your car back if it was seized this is your Costa Rican legal loophole.

Thanks Costa Rica!


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One Comment;

  1. dwayne said:

    Now this is useful information.The power of APPEALS.. Now I want to here about the power of DENUCIOS. I love this country.

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