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How to Not Meet a Costa Rican Woman

Costa Rica News –  Are you interested in Costa Rican women? Of course you are. There are many ways to find the next love of your life and tons of advice out there. Sometimes I wonder if the people who write dating advice are actually creepy and alone because the advice is so terrible. Think about advice before you follow it. Here are some “ways to meet women” to avoid.

costa-rica-womenSpecify on an online profile that you are looking only for Costa Rican women. While girls like to know that you appreciate their culture, this could make you seem close minded or that you are trying to use them for some reason such as for attaining residency.

Use a service that matches you with the woman of your dreams or go on a romantic tour meant to introduce you to many women in a short time. These types of services introduce you to disguised prostitutes looking for a way to move up. The girls they hook you up with may be paid and there may be a price for you to pay. Many of these woman have not had background checks as that will cost the service money. They would rather risk it and use the Costa Rica legal system that protects criminals with money…..and these places make lots of money.  The horror stories of women robbing this desperate men are very common.

Networking sites like Facebook have ways for you to search for people in a specific area. This is not suggested because girls will see you as a creep if you request to add them as a friend before actually meeting them in real life. If these girls do add you without knowing you that should be an automatic red flag as well.

Spend time in Costa Rica at bars or interest groups, such as a dance class. Bars will be full of desperate people and people in a class of any sort are trying to focus and learn something without anyone coming on to them. Bars used to be my old hunting ground, and not one of them was a person that I could see a long term relationship forming. It is a good place to find a girl for one night. Go to the class to learn something as well and not to meet a woman and you might actually meet someone.

In conclusion, any way that you seek out women will be seen as desperate to the girls and can be dangerous to you. Let it happen naturally so that it will be real and a good experience.

Also realize that most of these women have been screwed over by a tico guy more than once in their life, it will take some time for them to gain confidence that you are not the same….if you are not the same. I great relationship is formed from friendship and trust so do not push it. Many times the girl if she is over 20 will have a child as 20% of women in Costa Rica have a child by this age.  They are looking for more than just a boyfriend, they are examining you as father material.

If you are looking to just get laid, head down to the Del Rey and pay $100 to a Costa Rican prostitute or head to one of the many sex tourism establishments in Costa Rica and get yourself a massage with a happy ending.

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