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How to Get Your Impounded Car Back in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – There’s something to remember before going to get your license plates, license or car that has been confiscated. You must first pay all outstanding fines before even trying it.

car impound costa ricaDon’t waste your time arguing with or bribing those in charge.

The fees must be dealt with at the agency closest to the site where it was taken away. Even if you live in Limon, if you lost the plates in Guanacaste you’d have to get all the way to Liberia to deal with the situation.

If your vehicle was confiscated you must pay the fines plus a fee for the distance it had to be taken and a storage fee per day that it was in custody. Transportation fees start at ¢5.347 and the daily storage rate is ¢3.484.

The owner of the car, plate or document must go in person or send a third party who is officially authorized before a lawyer to make the transaction.

You must provide an ID, report of technical inspection and proof that this year’s “marchamo” has been paid.

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