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How to Get a Discount on your 2016 Costa Rica Marchamo Payment

Costa Rica News – It’s about that time again, the time to pay your “marchamo.”

marchamo 2016 costa rica 1There are special offers and discounts available that are attracting vehicle owners to many of the authorized 2016 marchamo tax collectors.

Starting on Monday, payments for next year will be accepted. Shop around for the best deal. Some offers include electronic raffle entries and cash back deals.

There are 1,901 collection points in the country competing for your business.

The commission the companies have to pay is low so they have a large profit margin to play with. Prices are generally decided based on the year’s processing payments and the competition.

Many banks offer customers credit options to cancel the payment at once and pay it off over the next six to twelve months.

One unique offer is the opportunity to accumulate money during 2016 that will count towards the 2017 contribution.

All vehicles in Costa Rica pay annually this type of road tax and it is charged by the INS, the local insurance company that is owned by the government.

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