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How to Avoid Real Estate Scams in Costa Rica

Costa Rica News – With yet another Costa Rica condominium scam brought to the public eye this week we should consider what measures to take to avoid falling for the next one.

There’s no reason not to buy one if you take these measures.

  1. Look for other condos developed by the same company and make sure that it exists and ask the neighbors about the quality.
  2. Go to the CFIA to ask for the building permit and registration, ensuring the one hanging in the building is real.
  3. Check with MEIC too to make sure there is permission for the construction. If not, the company may fail to deliver. This can be checked online.
  4. Check that the developer owns the property and can sell it to you by verifying the number of the property.
  5. Lookout for neglected land and other warning signals.
  6. Read your contract thoroughly.

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