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How Much Will Electricity Cost You in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Aresep is making tariff changes and offers a calculator to anticipate how much you will pay for household electricity moving forward.

The entity hopes to encourage the saving of electricity and money.

But will being “Gringo” mean you pay more?

The initiative proposes five ranges of electricity consumption and each household will fall into one. Savings in energy are economically rewarded and high consumption is punished.

The change allows households to pay less for the same energy they consume today.

The fixed charges and cost per kilowatt hour vary by company but each company will use a model based on the five ranges.

If a family usually has a high bill, say ¢35,000 monthly, the rate would increase by ¢6,000, if the plan thrives.

This is because the household would be in the fifth group, with very high consumption and thus a more expensive rate.

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