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How Much Carbon Does Costa Rica Store?

Costa Rica News – Over half, 52.38 percent, of Costa Rica is covered by trees and every one of the trees stores carbon.

costa rica trees 1This totals 2,950 million tons of carbon. That’s the equivalent of 1.475 million Olympic swimming pools.

The National Forest Inventory analyzes the forests characteristics and the state that it is in, along with calculating carbon stocks. It measures six greenhouse gases that provoke global warming.

This information goes a long way in helping to develop a strategy to combat climate change. Specifically, it gives insight into how and where carbon is stored as well as providing a baseline for monitoring.

Costa Rica has a goal of increasing forest coverage to 60 percent of the national territory.

The data found will aid in the design of reforestation. Forest recovery acts as a carbon sink as well as reduces heat and prevents runoff from rainfall.

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