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How Much Are You Going to Pay to Generate Your Own Energy in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – The Regulatory Authority for Public Services adjusted the standards required for people to generate power for personal consumption in December.

solar energy costa rica 1The changes affect the distribution of electricity from renewable sources. Technical requirements and tariff adjustments have been made.

People can generate solar power, for example, and ask their electricity distributor to connect the private network to the public one. The reason is that solar panels often produce more energy than one house needs and the extra can be fed into the public grid, decreasing the energy that the company must produce.

In this way the customer can actually earn energy credits.

The amount of energy taken from the solar panels to the public system will be credited and subtracted from the customer’s bill.

Each company will set its own requirements for generation distribution and protocols but the tariffs will be completely transparent and heard at public hearings.

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