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How Many Crimes in Costa Rica Go Unreported?

Costa Rica News – If you are a victim of a crime while on vacation or while living in Costa Rica would you spend the time to report this? Many do not take the time to go through the crime reporting process.

pick pocket costa rica 1This could be because they do not want to take the time to do this or they do not know how.

The most common crimes in Costa Rica are robbery and aggravated robbery. Everyday, wallets and personal documents are stolen.

980 people across the country were asked if they were the victim of a crime and whether or not it was reported. 40 percent of them claimed that either they or a family member had been crime victims.

The reasons for not reporting the details to the OIJ are varied. Some say they were lazy, others that the process is too long and time consuming, that there is little faith that the authorities will find the belongings, and still others that consider the amount stolen to be insignificant.

The authorities have a legal obligation to investigate each complaint no matter if it is petty theft or murder. It’s important to note that when you report it should be done at OIJ headquarters, not to police on the street.

Alternatively, you can call one of the confidential hotlines (1176 or 800-8000-645).

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