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How Many Abuses Did Recope Pass Onto the Public?

Costa Rica News – You have to wonder how many of these abuses Recope pass onto the public by higher gas prices.

recope costa ricaThere is a commission for negotiations of the public sector that works specifically on collective bargaining agreements. In trying to identify abuses, they have made various recommendations to Recope.

19 items were deemed abusive in the labor regulations of Recope.

Some of them include an added bonus in December, interference in union recruitment, financial assistance for daycare, and a food subsidy.

Staff earning less than ¢650,000 monthly get between ¢43,000 and ¢70,000 per month to pay for childcare. ¢6.2 million is spent per year on social and trade union activities.

Financial help is given out when a worker has a child or loses a spouse.

These and many other articles cost the country ¢25,700 million in 2013.

The new goal is to get that figure down to ¢17,400 million. Negotiations will be made over the next few weeks.

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