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How Common are Assaults & Thefts on Costa Rican Buses?

Costa Rica News – Are you planning on traveling bus bus in Costa Rica? Although for most this has never happened to them it is more common that it should be.  On average about 2 assaults and 4 thefts occur every week on Costa Rican public buses. 

costa rica busesOne mother turned in her own son as one of the people who assaulted a bus driver last week in one of the all too frequent bus robberies. The problem has been going on for years but is on the decline now that security cameras have increased.

This year, there have been 301 assaults and thefts on San Jose buses and 86 in Puntarenas. Last week, a driver died from a shot to the head. He opposed the assailant who then shot him and took his phone.

About 80% of the population use buses and are exposed to this danger. Something must be done. 500 drivers have received training on how to respond to an assault. With 4,500 buses in the country, maintaining checkpoints where weapons can be seized is important, as well.

A bus company pays ¢ 16,000 per month (about $32), on average, to have a closed unit live circuit security camera with a satellite tracking system, after an initial investment in equipment that is $1,200 per bus. Only four out of ten buses have these cameras.

However, he buses that do put in place this security measure have seen these crimes go down to close to nothing.

Some go as far as to have a warning system that sends a signal to the nearest police office in case of an attack.


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