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How Can You Spy on Sharks in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica News – Special remote cameras are currently spying on sharks. This is taking place on Isla del Coco.

The data collected is expected to find clues about the health of the ecosystem. UCR biologists and park rangers are involved.

The tiger shark reappeared in the area about ten years ago, after being absent for 30 years. It is one of the largest predators in this national park.

Undersea Hunter has been working the area for 21 years and has found that the sighting of some species has increased while others decreased. Some researchers believe this is due to the El Nino phenomenon as well as fishing pressure on the island.

The cameras will be used to know the relationship between environmental health and the presence of predators. The scientists are interested in pelagic species, those are the ones that travel far during parts of their lives.

They use bait to get the animals close to the cameras and the cameras mean human presence is not there to disrupt nature.

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