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How Are Retail Operations Preparing for the Holiday Sales Season?

Although the Christmas music may not yet be playing in retail stores and malls around the USA it is getting close to that time of year again when buying and looking for the best deal becomes a sport.  

From Costa Rica to New York to Los Angeles, retailers everywhere are gearing up for Black Friday and the influx of clients that they are expecting during this time of year.  To go along with the normal holidays crowds many people shop when they are feeling down, and you know after the US president is selected in early November there are going to be a lot of shoppers trying to ease their pain of the incoming commander and chief.  Most will be disappointed no matter who is chosen.

In the retail world this means hiring and training more employees, making sure that their inventory is stocked, preparing their marketing and promotions, and overall just getting ready to make money.  

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There is only a brief amount of time it what we will call the calm before the storm where retailers can fully prepare for the upcoming holiday sales season. But this year there is a new technology being implemented in many retail outlets and showrooms to ensure that they make the most money not just during the holidays but year

The technology which has changed with the evolving technology of the world, is called retail traffic counters or retail people counters.  This technology allows store owners and managers to know how many people (sales opportunities) are entering their locations to show traffic trends over time, what the peak and slow hours are and in some cases even how weather affects store traffic.  

The door counter technology varies from infrared to camera and video.  But the system allows operations and managers to be able to truly see how their stores are performing and if they are converting foot traffic into sales.  

Another reason these systems are being put into place like in the case of Wal-Mart which implemented traffic counters about 6 weeks ago, is to improve customer service.  If a client has a positive experience in a store they are more likely to both buy and to come back.  Both of these mean more money for the retail operation.

Over the past years retail traffic counters providers have even improved their systems to be able to sync to the point of sale system for retail stores.  This allows the retail businesses to get more in depth data about marketing, promotions, sales conversions, average sales and ensure that they are staffed appropriately.

With the data provided by retail traffic counters, it has helped retail businesses with all of the following:

  • Recognizing Traffic Patterns
  • Making Informed Staffing & Scheduling Decisions
  • Understanding the Impacts of Marketing & Promotions
  • Improving Customer Service
  • Increasing Sales Conversion Ratios & Overall Sales

The time for guessing in the retail business is over if you want to stay ahead of competitors in the industry. With the increase in online sales webistes, brick and mortar businesses have to do whatever they can to ensure maximum sales and profits.  If you want more information about retail traffic counters click the link below to get your free copy of  “Using Retail Traffic Counting for a Strategic Advantage”.

Get Your Free eBook “Using Retail Traffic Counting for a Strategic Advantage”

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