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How Are Costa Rica Bus Fares Determined?

Costa Rica News – We’ve all been yelled at by a bus driver at least once.

costa rica buses cost of livingThey are very particular about each passenger quickly passing the bars that detect how many users there are, because they are responsible for having the correct amount of money corresponding to the number of passengers.

There is another reason these bars are important to note. They are vital for calculating the cost of our bus fare over time, as they measure demand for each bus service, a figure on which the rates for each route are calculated.

Based on the price per person and the number of people on each bus, on average, the cost may rise or be lowered, affecting either the customer or the company if the numbers measured by the bars are inaccurate.

There was a large error in the system for the buses in Tobosi, Cartago in 2013 which led the company to believe that the demand for those buses was 48% lower than it actually was. This resulted in users having to pay 33% each time they rode that line. Because of complaints in this area, an investigation is underway regarding demand and maximum fares.

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