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House of Costa Rican Criminal Palidejo Reduced in Price to Sell

Costa Rica News – An elaborate home was confiscated by the government and is up for sale at a reduced price.

costa rican criminal house for sale 1The home belonged to the infamous Palidejo who is on trial for money laundering, drug trafficking and terrorist financing.

The home has a jacuzzi, wine cellar, pool with water slide, a safe hidden in the floor, internet and TV throughout, chandeliers and fine wood details. It’s in a gated community in Alajuela.

Originally it was put up for sale ¢465 million but not surprisingly not one person showed interest.

The Costa Rican Drug Institute took ¢152 million off the price and it will be ¢313 million in mid-May.

While the home is well maintained and quite upscale, we can’t forget that it was owned by a very dangerous person.

If a judge decides he is entitled to the home he will get the money paid for it. I have to think, however, that he would come back to the actual house and claim it.

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