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Hotels for You & Your Pets in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Travel – Don’t forget to make arrangements for your pet when planning a holiday getaway. In fact, many “pet hotels” are already full so start making calls today.

pet friendly hotel costa ricaMy Dog Walk Hotel (Mi Perro de Paseo), in Alajuela, has been booked for the holidays since September and there are no spaces available until January 15th.

These types of facilities take great care to meet the needs of the pets, for example, adequate space to socialize and play. That is why most sites are limited to 10 pets at any given time.

There are some boarding places that just keep the animal alive in a crate with food and minimal interaction. It would be better to find one that has an onsite veterinarian and an area for pets to run around. Medipet goes above and beyond, with individual houses for each pet and a pool too. Some offer slides, toys, sand, and large outdoor run spaces.

Some sites receiving cats and dogs charge about ¢10,000 per night. Most seperate small and large dogs and offer separate sleep and play areas. Many facilities ask you to send your pet’s normal food and his vaccination card. Some even require interviews to rule out problematic behaviors!

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