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Hospital Mexico’s Hemodialysis Center Gets Influx of Funds

Costa Rica Health News – Hospital Mexico’s Hemodialysis Center is treating almost 60 patients with kidney disease every week. They just got a 200 million colones investment in addition to a donation of 100 million colones from the Board of Social Protection of San Jose.

hemodialysis_costa ricaWith this increase in funding, they are able to get almost all new furniture and equipment, according to the press office at the hospital. Last Wednesday, a lot of new equipment was delivered to the medical center.

There are five hemodialysis machines, an ultrasound, ten electric beds, eight recliners, four flat screen TVs, two special lamps, and thirteen bridge tables. The ultrasound machine helps to make kidney biopsies and finding central lines easier. The new machines and furniture will make patients more comfortable.

People have two kidneys, which can be damaged due to hypertension, diabetes, genetics, or accidents. Then, the person would need an artificial kidney machine to remove the contaminated blood and filter out toxins and then re-transfuse clean blood.

Some patients go for this treatment daily and other 3-4 times weekly. It allows their bodies to maintain an electrolyte balance and remove excess water and waste products from the metabolism process.


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