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Hookers & Fishing; A Costa Rica Bachelor Party in Jaco Beach

Costa Rica Bachelor Party – Costa Rica offers great vacations for families, backpackers and especially single guys coming to Costa Rica looking to get crazy on a bachelor party, after all, what happens in Costa Rica stays in Costa Rica.  Many people ask the question, why is Costa Rica such an epic place for a bachelor party?  

costa rica bachelor party in jaco beachThe number one main reason is because prostitution is legal, pimping isn’t and will most likely remain that way.  Mongering brings in planes and boat loads of tourism for the government.   A lot of the girls come from Colombia, Nicaragua or from any other country in central and South America but there are also girls from Asia and Eastern Europe.  Costa Rica is known to be one of the happiest places to live on earth from studies and the guys that come for a bachelor party leave very happy.  Combine the exquisite scenery that the country has to offer, the crazy outdoor adventures, the delicious cuisine, all the amenities that you love from North America and you get your group an unforgettable trip.  

San Jose is a known hotspot for bachelor parties and the Hotel Del Ray will go down in the history books, it already has as the most visited place for prostitution in Costa Rica but many people don’t know that there are small brothels with imported girls from Thailand to Russia.  The city has numerous strip clubs so it is a perfect place to have a bus for the group to go around and check them all out and the bar scene is very happening.  The boys will have no problem releasing some testosterone in San Jose but for many the city is not where most people plan to be when visiting such a gorgeous country.

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Jaco beach or Playa Jaco is only 100 km away from San Jose and the new Hwy 27 will get you there in about 1.5 hours.  It is the closest tourist beach town that offers all first class amenities.  The options for dining in Jaco are bountiful so you can find cheap “soda” restaurants that offer a good plate for $5-$6 or a fancy 5 course meal.  The adventure tours that the guys will want to partake in are canopy, atv, waterfall tours, rafting and there is a really cool new ropes course canopy tour but let’s not kid ourselves here the real reason the guys are coming is for the girls, the fishing and the golf.  

Just 15 minutes away from Jaco is the luxurious Los Suenos Resort and Marina, the par 72 championship golf course will challenge the inebriated men.  The crew can charter a boat out of the marina from $1200 to $3000 and up of course if you’re a high roller.  Why not take the boys out on a yacht? You only live once, right.  The fishing is spectacular and many professional tournaments are hosted out of Los Suenos.  There are a variety of fish to catch such as Dorado, Sailfish, Tuna, Marlin, Giant Rooster, Grouper and Snapper.

The best way to organize a bachelor party in Jaco is to get a professional planner to take care of everything.  You will get offered the best houses that are meant for bachelor parties, the private chef service will blow you away and you can even have a full time host to make sure that everything stays legit. The host of course will take you on a trip to the infamous Hotel Cocal in Jaco beach where a buffet of women are lined up pool side ready for you to take them home. This is a foreign country so it is nice to have a guide to help you with the small details.  It is an endless summer down near the equator in this majestic place so the time is now to plan your next Costa Rica bachelor party.  

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Content Includes:

Where to pick up Costa Rican Women & Nighttime Company

Recommended Golf Courses

Guy’s Tours Out of San Jose & Jaco

Gringo Friendly Bars & Clubs

Cigar Bars & Much More…….

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