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Honey, I’m Home! Giant Bee Hive Found in Oklahoma Home (Video)

World News – An Oklahoma woman’s home is creating quite the buzz after her son and his beekeeper friend found a massive industrial size honey maker filled with bees on the side of her home.

bee hive oklahoma“I could see just swarms of bees,” Janie Giordano said. “Just bees everywhere.”

Giordano said her son found the bees inside her wall after an air conditioner repairman was stung.

“They said they were swarming outside in my drier vent,” Giordano said.

The beekeeper friend stuck his whole arm in the side of her home to remove what he could of the hive.

“They said they have never seen such a big nest in their life,” Giordano said. “Said it was over 30 pounds of honey that he removed, and there’s still more to go.”

Neighbors have been coming to see what the buzz is about and say they’ve been aware of a bee issue for quite some time.

Giordano says she’s seen a few of the bees in her home before but didn’t know where they were coming from and didn’t realize just how bad the situation is.

She’s staying her home for the time being, despite scared and wishes from her son to leave.


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