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Holi One Color Festival For the Christmas Holidays in Costa Rica

Costa Rica Entertainment – We all enjoyed the Holi One Color Festival last August and we are about to have the chance again.

Holi One Color Festival costa ricaThe festival is scheduled for December 30th this year. For the first time it will be held on the beach.

Many people spend the holiday time in Guanacaste and the production company in charge of the event will make the most of that. Six hectares of private land will be covered in colorful powder.

The colored powders that are to move through the air represent emotions. The only requirement is to dress in all white or light clothes in order to become part of the amazing artwork.

The festival and electronic music will go from 2 pm to 2 am. Eight national DJs and one international one will have their chance to shine. Names are to be announced on November 3.

Tickets are available at or check out their Facebook Page

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