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Hillary Clinton Dead?

World News – Well this might have been a bit of a startling opening to a news broadcast.  Everyone has been talking about her illness, but dead?

hillary-clinton-death-1Is Hillary Clinton Dead?

The answer is of course “no” to the disappointment of many Trump supporters in Costa Rica. But this news anchor might not have his job very long.

On Sunday, Hillary Clinton had very public bout of illness. Her supporters and detractors were equally invested in her health and finding out what had happened. ABC7’s Joe Torres did not make that easy for New Yorkers watching the evening news.

“We begin with the breaking news about Hillary Clinton’s death,” he announced at the top of the hour before he and Sandra Bookman plowed on into the discussion on Clinton’s sickness.

Okay. Just to clarify for everyone, Hillary Clinton is not dead. She is alive. She makes her own public appearances. She is very much alive, well, and still the Democratic nominee for President.

Watch the Video Below



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