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High Costa Rica Gas Prices Include Over $50 Million to Recope Employee Benefits

Costa Rica News – Well this makes me feel good when I pay over $5 for a gallon of gas in Costa Rica.  Recope has shown over and over again that it plans on raping the public to make sure the lifestyles of its employees remain financed.  

recope costa ricaConsumers are paying ¢25,000 million in benefits to Recope. For every liter of gas purchased, 0.86% goes to finance extra benefits for the 1,742 employees. Each employee can expect extra benefits based on the current gas demand.

In the last 21 months, gas buyers have financed ¢25,690 million to the collective agreement. By the end of the year the amount will be ¢28,000 million or $51.8 million based on today’s exchange rate.

It was two weeks ago that the organization made operation costs public.

10.14% is operating margin, 35% the international price, 10% transportation and gas stations, 44% tax and .86% goes to the collective convention.

Since the collective convention does not have a direct relation with the public service, Aresep has decided to exclude the expenses related to the convention from price adjustments and regulated services calculations, causing frustration among the labor union and workers.

With this much money going into the pockets of the employees and the government itself, do not expect change anytime soon. Too bad the Costa Rican government cannot see that this is causing more poverty and higher prices in the country.  But as long as the wealthy and powerful stay that way that is all that matters.

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