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Hidden Gems in Jaco – Uncle Earl’s Fine Meats

Costa Rica Living – Growing up in Texas we are used to having pretty great cuts of meat available at local stores and restaurants. I know there are a lot of vegetarians out there and I apologize but I love a good steak or sausage from time to time.

IMG_1709When it comes to finding a good steak in Costa Rica there are a few specialty restaurants that normally cost an arm and a leg that do a good job in preparing a piece of meat but they are few and far between. Even harder is locating a local butcher or finding a properly cut piece of meat at a local grocery that you can throw on that grill.

When I lived in San Joaquin there was a local butcher that was actually able to provide pretty good steaks for me at a reasonable rate, but when I came out to Jaco and set up shop in Hermosa my grill began collecting dust.  There are a few local butchers but nothing that really stood out to me and for me Mas x Menos offered an overpriced selection of below average cuts.

About 2 weeks ago I sent over to a friends house for a Sunday afternoon BBQ.  He had the grill fired up when I got there and some great rib-eye steaks and feta sausage sitting out ready to sizzle in the flames.  Upon placing the first bite in my mouth I knew I would be going to Uncle Earl’s Fine Meats more than a couple times a week.

I walked right past Los Amigos away from Pops and found the store that my friend had bought the meat.  I knew I had found a place that would at least give me a little piece of home while living abroad. You can find many imported products including beef, pork, and lamb. There are also all natural spices and sauces.

The best part about this place besides the meat and the great service that Gary provides (I am on a first name basisUncle Earls Fine Meats Jaco now, lol) are the prices. It is about half  the price of your local supermarkets which can be expensive especially in a tourist town like Jaco.

My favorite thing to do is grab a fresh cut rib-eye or Delmonico steak and then head to Marea Baja and get a side of veggies and a side of salad.  The total cost is about $7 for this and you are having an incredible steak dinner for next to nothing.

I am always trying to find ways to eat well and save money at the same time.  With Uncle Earl’s I can do that and also feel a little bit like I have a piece of Texas with me in Costa Rica.

Check out their facebook page.

PS I know this sounds like an advertisement but it isn’t. I did not receive anything for writing it and it truly is an incredible place to get meat in Jaco.  Check it out yourself.

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